Seminars and Events
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november 29 to december 1, 2019
Esalen Institute - The Essential Qi-Gong Exercises of China, Big Sur, California

december 1 to december 6, 2019
Esalen Institute, Creative Tai Ji Experience: Change-Transformation-Metamorphosis , Big Sur, California

march 28 to march 28, 2020
THE SONG OF THE EARTH with Chungliang Al Huang, Krannert Center, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL

april 3 to april 5, 2020
Seminar at Gut Sonnenhausen, Gloon, Bavaria, Germany

april 11 to april 13, 2020
Annual Easter Weekend, Winterthur, Switzerland: 3 days

april 11 to april 15, 2020
Annual Easter Training, Winterthur, Switzerland: 5 days