Learning to see with the heart

After half of the seminar had passed, Chungliang asked us one day to form smaller groups of eight persons to do a round of First or Second Circle in this small group, by trying to feel each other. There was no talking, just silence, as we tried to feel the energy of one another and the group.

During this smaller Tai Ji-round, there were several situations, when we were gliding wonderfully together as a group, which gave me a good feeling. But when we did not correspond together (which also happened often), I tried to find out, what was wrong, or even, who was doing „right or wrong“ according to my interpretation.

I was looking with my mind’s eye, from my knowledge so far.

The next day, we were asked to form smaller groups of five people. One person had to go into the center to do the First Circle, being watched by the four remaining persons. Before the person in the middle started with the form, she had to ask each of the watching persons, to pay attention to her. Each one of our group did this beginning/asking/ritual in a heart-minded way.

With this preparation, I suddenly realised, while watching the person in the center, that I was moving slightly with her and feeling her from my heart. And I perceived her beauty, her vulnerability, her fear and uneasyness, but also her uniqueness. In this kind of vision, it did not matter if the form was right or wrong. I found myself really being with that person and feeling a little bit what she was experiencing.

I just had learned to look and to see with my heart.

I thank Chungliang and the Tai Ji group for this fundamental learning -- learning for life.

Christa Scherer