Reflect and Rebound

Reflecting and Rebounding were some major themes during the Living Tao Urbana Memorial Day Seminar this year. Our new location in the beautiful Dance Studio at the University of Illinois offered some new perspectives for learning. One of the walls had a full mirror, which was usually covered with a curtain. From time to time, Chungliang would reveal the mirror to help us further extend our energies outwards into the space (ji) and to reflect on improving individual form (tai). Initial shyness changed to more expression as we continued to practice; for example, as when we saw and felt beautiful wavelike flows created in the room through our moving cloud hand steps. Very nice to feel the rhythms of the ocean in Central Illinois!

We investigated how to gather our energy, so that we could be moved from the rebound/release, discovering how power is in the flow of energy and not in the position. “Settling in” is not a stop, but a place to collect actively, before going out again, experiencing the fertile void. As always we laughed a lot, shared and created poetry as we reflected together on questions and insights, finally rebounding at the end refreshed from our days together.

D Myers