News from Chungliang

Mid March 2017

Dear Living Tao Friends:

We have just concluded our 4-year commitent to learn all 48 poetic movement motifs from the Ba Ji Quan during our Winter Heritage Seminar at the River House. These were given to my mother by her Sifu and are to be called "TaoChan LiShi Ba Ji Quan".

Now, these renewed treasures are to be integrated within our continuing expansion of the Tai Ji Circles, which has already inspired us to begin exploring the "Fifth" Tai Ji Circle during the 2nd week of the Heritage Seminar.

With the highly-anticipated Easter Week gathering this Spring in Winterthur, those who were with me at the Heritage Seminar will be eager to share our new learning with you. For this occasion of my 8th birth year and 40 years of Living Tao global outreach, we have invited my European seminarians and North American friends who are planning to cross the ocean to enjoy a long overdue reunion with the Living Tao International family.