News from Chungliang

Autumne 2016

Dear Living Tao Friends:

The Spring and Summer, since my last newsletter to you, has come to a gratifying conclusion. During our summer seminar at our Living Tao River House, we enjoyed a bautiful new expanded deck overlooking the Rogue River with a most receptive group of old and new friends from all over America, and as far as New Zealand, Japan, Canada and Hawaii - all gathering to continue sharing our lifelong learning.

The Summer Training hs also been the usual time to jointly celebrate summer birthdays for sereral "tutus", one particular faithful friend, Yuki Sasaki, who was born the same week, same month, same year and same place in Shanghai as I was. Two babies during that turbulent, war - torn era.

Also on hand to join the annual celebration was another Tai Ji Family sibling Sandra Church, born in the same year. Sandra, the original "Louise - Gypsy Rose Lee" on Broadway, sang "Let Me Entertain You" at my 70th birthday celebration in Gold Beach, August 2007...