News from Chungliang

Autumn 2018

Dear Living Tao Friends:

I began writing this on Labor Day weekend at the River House in Oregon.  How quickly another summer has gone with the flow on the Rogue River merging into the Pacific Ocean, where our Tai Ji Deck is at the mouth of this great expansion of flowing water along the “Watercourse Way”.  The view is truly inspiring! 

We accomplished a great deal of focused, concentrated learning in the two weeks of this summer's gathering.  Reviewing everything we had been learning through the past years during the first week and continuing to creatively explore the next circle with our never-ending choreographic inventions and challenges.

Mama Huang's Ba Ji motifs became natural ingredients in our recipes, as one move led to another in the organic flow of spontaneous and intrinsic happenings. It was much fun, becoming effortlessly Wu Wei in its simplicity and easy flow.

After the departure of our intimate group of international friends who came from Finland, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong and around America, I enjoyed another August birthday with my own family, made especially precious with grandchildren here for a few days.