«Embrace Peony Awaken Michigan»

Chungliang returned to the State of Michigan after a decade hiatus to Address the monthly members meeting of The Ocher Lifelong Learning Institute at Saginaw Valley State University and to conduct a one day Tai Ji Workshop on June 8th and 9th. Both endeavors were superbly done well received.

The address to the 200-300 general membership on “Sageing” or aging wisely was masterfully done with calligraphy, movement and wit. To know that we are not on the downward slope of the Yin Yang Circle of Life but entering in to a new beginning and deeper understanding of our lives was very elucidating and comforting to the audience. He had us up and moving to the beautiful cello music Cycles by David Darling.
It was a sight to behold!

At the Tai Ji Workshop, the Bodhisattva that he is; awakened the 60 Participants to their own Saginawian Pulitzer Prize Winning Theodore  Roethkes mystical poem, “ The Waking”! He also read Ted Koosers Poem, “Decoration Day” which describes the ants working very hard  To peel back the leaves of the peony buds to open the beautiful flowers. With these readings, movement and music, he awakened and opened  Participants to obvious and new dimensions of Chi-ful living! The Buddha’s Woke up! WOW

He put his heart back into the Michigan group just as he has put the heart Back into the Chinese calligraphic character of LOVE!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Chungliang, we hope to see you and Be with you again very soon!