Reflections on a wonderful learning this August 2010 at the River House

I value Chungliang as one of my teachers because he always brings out the eight-year old boy in me that sings "Dites moi...". No one else that I work with does this as well as he does.

I'm also very grateful for the beautiful people that Living Tao attracts ... they all contribute to the teaching and learning.

In the month-long workshop, I'm especially grateful for Chungliang’s teaching that fostered further transformations in me ...

The calligraphy sings to me when I open my heart and let it in.
What a feeling ... this is new and wonderful.
Fixing not fixed, the movement brings me immense joy.
Li Po, Tu Fu, T.S. Eliot, Nikos Kazantzakis... fill me with laughter and tears
Cedars and firs, osprey and eagles, salmon and seals, tides and currents
Abundance envelopes me
Happiness is an introduction to the fourth circle
While circling back to the first
Expanding the Centering Ritual
by following the five moving forces
5-4-3-2-1= great fun, and
"Keeps me searching for a heart of gold..."
Zao shang hao ... Xie xie ... wo ai ni
Zhong ... ding ... nei ... guan
Hao ji le!

Looking forward to continued transformations, perhaps even a metamorphosis, in China with Chungliang and other Living Tao members.

Yours with the flow,
S. Thomas