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Interview of Chungliang Al Huang (pdf) by Rachel Fleming for RESURGENCE magazine, England 2010

Spirit of the Dancing Warrior (pdf), reprinted with permission, THE EMPTY VESSEL, Spring 2010,

From dancing cloud to embrace Tiger, Return to the mountain (pdf) by Maxine Forster Guenther, M.A., Trager Practitioner and Certified Instructor of Integral Qigong, February 2011,

Living Tao Foundation moves headquarters to Oregon (pdf) press release, February 12, 2010

Master Huang Tai Ji Workshop Chungliang at Evergreen College, Oregon 2010

Peace and Social Justice are Possible (pdf) reprinted with permission from SAVE THE WORLD, in 500 WORDS: AN EXERCISE IN COLLECTIVE WISDOM, The Evergreen State College, 2009

Mind set: Falling in Bruce Lee's Arms Chungliang in The Times of India