And from our students:

“It is through this art that I finally was able to get to know myself. Forgetting my knowledge, letting go of my security of the beliefs one clings to in order to prove one exists, emptying my cup (my mind) each morning and opening myself up to the new and the unknown: that is what my practice invites me to do daily. What has transformed my life is not Tai Ji as a series of ‘movements’ but rather the spirit which carries it and gives life to it.” – P.O. (France)

“Chungliang's teaching of Tai Ji is unique in content and method. He has created his own forms in order to maximise for Westerners the experience of Tai Ji's embodying, life-affirming wisdom and he teaches with methods that inspire, encourage and affirm our own ways of learning - yet he also challenges us, so that working with Chungliang is an experience of growth and expansion. Tai Ji is used as a doorway to open up the rich stores of Eastern philosophy and understanding of the world, and the emphasis on Nature and Humanity ensures that this is not an experience of an alien "Mystic East" but is deeply connected to our own life-experiences, our own cultural and spiritual path, our own Tao (Way of Life). It has also been my experience that Living Tao is truly an international family, and I have made many friends from all over the world through my membership and active involvement with the Living Tao Foundation.” – S.H. (United Kingdom)