Huston Smith, philosopher, scholar, author
“I have enjoyed our collaborative teaching in the ‘Three Pillows of Asian Wisdom’ seminars with Chungliang Al Huang. I am proud to call him my Chinese younger brother.”

Yehudi Menuhin, violinist, conductor
“C.L. Al Huang’s teaching at my Music School in England had made more positive impact than any other teachers before. His Tai Ji Dancing and Taoist teaching was the perfect complement to our international student body of prodigious musical talents.”

Jane Goodall, anthropologist, primatologist, social activist
“Chungliang Al Huang’s work with the Living Tao Foundation is the perfect blending of East/West cultural synthesis. He uses ancient Chinese Tao wisdom in creative Western ways as a world philosopher, and communicates his teaching and his artistry through his expertise in Tai Ji Dance and in compassionate healing of the human soul.”