In lectures, seminars and speaking engagements around the world, Chungliang consistently stuns his audiences when he demonstrates the contrast between the Chinese character for love written with the symbol for “heart” in the center and the simplified version without the “heart.” The simplified version has become so ingrained in contemporary Chinese culture that during his visits to mainland China or Taiwan, Chinese audiences – adults and children alike – are visibly astonished when they are made aware of the difference.

Meanwhile, during our many visits to China, we in turn have been stunned to learn that the art of brush calligraphy is no longer being taught to children in schools. We are in danger of losing this most beautiful and indispensable cultural art form and tradition. It is our wish to bring “Heart into Love” again by helping young Chinese students learn the art of brush calligraphy and with it, to learn the traditional way of writing LOVE with HEART.