“Chungliang Al Huang has found a new way to explain The Hero's Journey. He helps others to follow their bliss through the experience of Tai Ji.”

Joseph Campbell, mythologist, scholar, author

Chungliang Al Huang is a highly regarded authority of Tai Ji, Taoism and related disciplines. He is the best-selling author of books on mind/body/spirit integration and a highly-regarded artist and performer.

Huang was born in China where he was immersed in the traditional study of Tai Ji, kung fu, calligraphy, and classic Chinese scholarly arts. In 1949, after the communist revolution, his family fled mainland China for Taiwan where he continued his studies.

Huang came to the U.S. in 1955 as a university student. His intuitive knowledge of the ancient wisdom and rich traditions of his native China led to early collaborations with thought leaders Joseph Campbell, Alan Watts, John Blofeld and Huston Smith.

A popular and in-demand speaker at conferences and workshops, he first returned to China in 1982 as a consultant to prominent American business groups.