DVD Tao: The watercourse way at Wu Yi Mountain

Chungliang Al Huang
Tao: The watercourse way at Wu Yi Mountain.
A Film by Guido Ferrari. 
Box with 2 DVDs, 3 hours 03’

Disc 1 Tao at Wu Yi Mountain, 1 hour 25’
(What is Tao? The way of nature. How to learn. Wei Wu Wei.  Tao in daly life. Life and death. The Tao practice. Tai Ji, calligraphy, poetry. Tai Ji Five Moving Forces of Nature:  teaching and commentary. The metaphor of the heroic journey. The Art of Brush calligraphy. Poetry)

Disc 2 Living Tao.  Tai Ji at Wu Yi Mountain, 1 hour 38’
(Tai Ji Ritual. The essential motifs of Tai Ji, with commentary. Five moving forces, with commentary. Tai Ji forms and variations. First, Second and Third Circles with commentary)

Guido Ferrari is a Swiss journalist and film producer.

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