march 31 to april 2, 2017
Esalen Institute, Your MythBody, Big Sur, California

Your MythBody: Exploring the Journey of a Lifetime

With Chungliang Al Huang and Robert Walter

When Chungliang Al Huang and Joseph Campbell co-led Esalen workshops in the 1980s, they coined the term “MythBody” to describe the vital interrelationship of your physical body and your story (“myth”) of yourself.

This year, they have resurrected their neologism to consider how your MythBody develops and transforms over the course of your life. Group explorations will mix twice-told tales with Tai Ji turns, will utilize calligraphy and poetry, will weave praxis and personal anecdote – all in celebration of your life’s journey, for as Joseph Campbell reminds us: “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

In preparation, please reflect on transformative incidents in your own life, those singular events that helped to make you who you are. Then plan to bring a verse or lyric you can share that bespeaks one or another of those significant moments.

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