march 24 to march 26, 2017
Esalen Institute , Creative Tai Ji Experience in Daily Living, Big Sur, California

Creative Tai Ji Experience in Daliy Living

"This week, we will re-invent tai ji forms playfully with ancient Tai Ji rituals, Five Moving Forces of Nature, as well as traditional Tai Ji motifs,” Chungliang Al Huang writes. “We will explore, improvise, and evolve, to find renewal and refreshed ways to dance the open structures of this ancient wonder of movement meditation.

“To be truly creative is to learn not to consciously control yourself with pre-conceived restrictions, but to allow yourself the freedom to flow. Taoist wisdom calls it Wu Wei: Not interfering with what is already happening. With more than fifty consecutive years of teaching experiences since Esalen was founded, Master Huang will share his unique ways of imparting Tai Ji experience to all levels of practitioners. Come enjoy this creative ‘Living Your Tao’ Tai Ji experience.

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