News from Chungliang

Holiday Season - from Thanksgiving through New Year 2017-18

Dear Living Tao Friends:

Greetings from Esalen Institute where I have regenerating and teaching after nearly a month in China.

Arriving in Shanghai, my 2-week residency began with the Cross-Cultural Journeys' group in Hangzhou and Suzhou - the two most scenic and culturally rich cities in China. In Hangzhou, we stayed in the Xin Xin Hotel including the Chinese section of the "Autumn Water Mountain Villa", which was once our Huang family home after the Sino- Japanese War.

The once tranquil, lakeside villa is no more as it was in the mid-1940's when there were no buses, cars or overwhelming tourists - mostly Chinese who came from all over the country to fulfill their "being there and done that" "bucket wish" list. All Chinese know this saying: "Up there, we have heaven; down on earth, we have Suzhou and Hangzhou!" Expressed again and again by major poets throughout history, these cities proved to be the favorites of Manchu Qing Dynasty Emperors, Kangxi and Qianlong...