News from Chungliang

September 2017

Dear Living Tao Friends: HAPPY AUTUMN!

So quickly, Spring and Summer of this "Phoenix Rising/Fire Bird/Rebirth" Year have passed. I look back with such fond remembrances of the many seminars, celebrations and shared times. First, our Easter Week in Winterthur and that special celebration to honor my 80th year of Tao Living. And just prior to that, my return to Munich (at Gut Sonnenhausen in Glonn) and a great reunion with my Bavarian friends - plus a suprise early-birthday dinner, and a revisit to Schloss Elmau, full of fond memories of teaching there during the Claussens' organizing years.

Since returning from Europe, I was invited back to supoort the good work of my friend Ruth Stricker-Dayton at The Marsh in Minnetonka in May. In addition, I gave a lecture in her name at the University of Minnesota. Following that, our annual Spring Seminar during the Memorial Day Week in Urbana. (With more birthda suprises and cheer from the group!).